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Email Troubleshooting guide

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Step 1 – Check our Network status page.
It is possible that you might be having difficulties due to host maintenance or issues on the server.
Click here to check our network status page

Step 2 – Login to webmail.
From any internet browser you can login to your email account directly on our servers.

  •  Simply go to http://yourdomain.co.za/webmail
  • Login using your email address e.g name@yourdomain.co.za and password that you set when you created the email account.

If you are unable to login make sure the account login to your Control Panel and check or change the following.

  • Make sure the account is created and is active.
  • Change the password for the account, wait 5 mins and try again.

If you still cannot login to webmail please contact our Support Centre, otherwise continue ahead.

Step 3 – Check your settings.
Check that you are using the correct email settings in your Outlook client. You might have made a typo or added an extra space when copying your password

Step 4 – Check your internet connection.
It is possible that your firewall, antivirus or network settings are blocking your email program.

  • Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus and try again.
  • If you are on a school or work network certain ports might be blocked. Try to connect when you are on a different network, for example your mobile provider.

If you still cannot connect, please raise a support ticket HERE

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