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Cannot send emails

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As there are many possible causes to issues sending email, this guide will take you through a few reasons why you are unable to send them.  

 Check nameservers  

If you are a new customer, please ensure that your name servers are set correctly. If they were incorrect and you updated them, please allow up to 24 hours for propagation to complete. 

Check Webmail 

The first thing to check would be webmail. If you are able to send emails there that would mean that the issue is most likely caused by something locally on your PC or network. 

Check if the email account is suspended 

Email accounts can be suspended without affecting others. This is only possible in cPanel though. You would need to log in to cPanel and unsuspend the account to use it again: 

 Check your email client settings 

In Outlook you can double check your outgoing settings. Ensure that the username is the full email address. Here is an example of what the settings should look like: 


Ensure authentication is enabled 

In order to send mail through our servers you will need to enable authentication. In the image above you can see the “More Settings” option. After clicking on that option you can select the “Outgoing server” Tab and ensure that there is a tick for authentication 


Check port numbers and encryption 

Depending on the encryption you are using, the port numbers should be adjusted accordingly. 

SMTP port (requires authentication): 25 or 587. 

SMTP port (SSL enabled): 465 


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