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Very often clients are not aware of what they are paying for when they take out a service, and in this case, I will refer to hosting in particular. There is a wall of terminology that really does not mean a lot to most clients, but some important aspects that need to be considered.

Some of the value-added services that many other hosts bill for as a premium are offered now as standard with Rhino Hosting at no additional cost, and below I will explain some of these, that you were probably not aware of :

We offer full cPanel access for all clients – This means that you as a client can manage your hosting settings, DNS, set up Email accounts and much more yourself. Many other hosts do not offer this option simply because they pay one license for each account and choose the bundle everything under one whereas we pay your cPanel license fee individually.

We offer backups of your account for free – Our server is set up to take a snapshot of your account twice a week and we store this backup at an off-site data centre in the USA, this backup includes your website files, data bases and even emails. We keep 7 backups at any given time, and this can be restored on demand. Our retainer clients have backups done daily with the same concept applying.

We offer free account scanning – Our servers are equipped with antivirus and malware scanners, and we scan all accounts on a rotational basis, which usually takes around 48 hours. Should a virus be detected on your hosting account, or we are notified of malware on your website, we will quarantine the files and advise you accordingly.

Latest Software and Patches – Our servers run the latest software and security patches to ensure that they are not vulnerable to attack or hackers. We run updates daily during the night between 00:00 and 2am to reduce downtime to our clients.

We have strict security protocols in place – This protects our clients and servers against attacks. Below you can see how our systems have performed this month in relation to last month in terms of what has been “stopped”

Above is just a little titbit of what you are paying for when you host with Rhino Hosting and if you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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