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Learn how to Fight SPAM in your inbox by using an easy tool built right into our servers

We all hate spam and while the Rhino Hosting Servers are designed to highlight spam to you by marking the subject line with the words ***POSSIBLE SPAM*** the mail would still land up in your inbox. The server uses complex algorithms to assign a spam score to an email based on several factors and should the score exceed 5, which is the default setting and can be changed, the mail will be flagged as spam. One of the settings we can implement is also that any mail exceeding a specific spam score automatically gets deleted and never reaches your mailbox, but this is not always ideal because machine learning is not always 100% accurate and there is always the risk of a legitimate mail being marked as spam, which would then automatically be deleted and you would never know that it has even been sent.

How Box Trapper works is that it learns from you and builds a database of “allowed” email addresses and senders and based on a SPAM score and this whitelist it holds the mail in a “BOX” which can be released manually by yourself or by the sender. When a sender sends you mail for the first time, they will receive an automated reply asking the sender to verify that they are human, simply by replying to this email, their email address will be whitelisted and the mail will be delivered to you. Senders of spam rarely, if ever, monitor the addresses that they are sending from and hence never see the reply from the server.

If the sender of the mail does not follow the instructions to reply to the verification mail, then the mail will be held in a queue for a predetermined number of days. You can check your BOX TRAP and release emails from there, or alternatively blacklist mails on the Box Trap Portal.

One of the nice things about the Box Trap is that it can be activated and deactivated per email address, unlike other solutions that apply to all email addresses on the hosting account.

To learn how to use and setup your BOX TRAP on your own email, you can watch the video below.

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